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My passion for EFT/Matrix originates from direct experience with this transformational work. I was stunned and delighted in the quickness in which old beliefs, patterns, and obstacles could be released and cleared.

I knew I needed to learn and become certified in this practice so I could share this gift with others.   We are meant to live a life of joy!  It is our birth right. While I am happy to work with you on a variety of life issues,  my specialty involves working with individuals to identify and break through negative belief systems in the areas of love and relationships.  I love to work with people to stop the cycle of old patterns and create a spirit of lightness in their daily lives. 

My formal education is as a Speech-Language Pathologist; my career has involved working with adults who have suffered brain injuries.  Merging the techniques of EFT/Matrix re-imprinting with my formal educational training has had a profound effect.

I am also a certified Kundalini yoga instructor; I use a daily meditation and yoga practice to remain grounded and allow the flow of intuition to guide our sessions so I can be of great service.

I am happy to work with you in person or online!