“I’ve been working with Amy for almost two years now. She has been such a supportive and important part of my journey to understand myself better and be the fullest version of who I truly am. Amy is kind, intuitive, down to earth and easy to connect with. She has been a supportive non-judgmental presence in my life during difficult times while seeing my strengths and empowering me through EFT and MR. I’ve had so many powerful sessions with Amy and have grown so much from our work. I am much more strong, confident, self-accepting, and basically a more authentic ME which has transformed my relationships, career, passions, and way I show up in this world! Thank you :) “
— V.E.

"Thanks for another epic session!!! My dad just reached out to me and hasn't in like a year! I think the tapping is really moving the energy out! I held the visual for a long time after our call. :)"

- S.S.

Amy provides a warm and friendly presence I wouldn’t have thought I could have found through the internet. She has amazing instincts and a loving heart that help cut directly to my core issues. I trust her to completely guide me through difficult mental and emotional terrain. Her deep commitment to service shines through every session.
— N.S.

"Our session was so powerful for me. Bless you! Thank you!!! My joint feels so much better today and no pain while I slept -- first time with no pain sleeping with no Ibuprofen in months!"

- S.S.

I have had several sessions with Amy to address some deep beliefs that had been holding me back. These include a sense of being a burden, feeling that I am a bad person, feeling helpless and disempowered... things that were established early-on in childhood. As I recently became much more aware of how these beliefs were running my life, I wanted to find a way to free myself at a core level. After researching EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, I connected with Amy.

I felt comfortable with Amy right away. She is genuinely caring, honest and authentic. I have always felt at ease, safe and supported when working with her. We have addressed a number of issues, and Amy is very skilled in being able to tune into the most effective key words and phrases to help me get to the core issue right away. She is also patient and understanding and helps guide me through rough spots with kindness.

As a result of our sessions, I feel that each issue we have worked on has been cleared. Amazingly, certain patterns just aren’t there anymore, as though they have just slipped away and quietly dissolved.

I am grateful to have this opportunity to work with Amy and I highly recommend her to others.
— A.A. Montana