What is Matrix Re-Imprinting?

Matrix re-imprinting is a technique used during the EFT sessions so we're able to work with the younger self, examine our core beliefs, and change thought patterns. It uses the power of EFT and the Law of Attraction. 

Law of Attraction involves the work of modern quantum physicists; it suggests that everything in our surrounding universe has stemmed from our thoughts.   The human brain is functioning as the direct power source of everything we experience and see.

Many scientists now believe that our ideas and concepts are more likely to be responsible for creating all that we see around us in the physical world.   

Basically, we attract life experiences by what we send out/project through our thoughts and feelings.

Why do we go back in time?

The younger self often is trapped within a traumatic memory.  We do EFT/tapping on the younger self to release the shock and the overwhelming feelings of fear, betrayal, violation, isolation, neglect, confusion and shame-whatever distress they are feeling.  This allows us to get to the focal point of the trauma/damage and repair.   Once the younger self is free from emotional distress, the next step is changing the scene they’ve been trapped in. This is NOT the same as denying that an event/experience happened.  We change the picture for the benefit of the younger self.  This is a simple ‘re-imprinting’ process and the new picture actually feels like a real memory—one that essentially overwrites the old traumatic scene.

The Result

Re-imprinting simply means overwriting the original “writing on the walls.”  This releases old, negative beliefs and creates new positive beliefs; this sends a message to the body that the trauma is over. 


Can Matrix Reimprinting Be Effective in the Treatment of Emotional Conditions in a Public Health Setting? Results of a U.K. Pilot Study